Quality international education, your passport to a bright global future

We offer full service international education advisory and visa application services, helping you or your loved ones pursue studies at certified schools, colleges or universities abroad.

School, college, or university admissions

Deciding where and what to study can be a daunting task. Trust FRG to help you make the best choice and support you throughout the admissions process.

Based on your education, career and life objectives, we can help you choose from a roster of quality educational establishments in your designated country. We will work with you to shortlist a number of educational institutions and programs, and prepare your admissions application according to their stipulated procedures.

Study permits

A study permit or visa can be issued to students enrolled in designated schools, colleges, or universities in designated countries. Once we have obtained your school, college, or university admission offer, we then go ahead with your study permit application process.

If you are looking to relocate with your spouse for the course of your study, we could also lodge a temporary resident application for them. And where accompanying spouses are allowed to work, we can apply for a work permit on their behalf. If requested, we could also carry out research and apply for potential job opportunities.

In case you have dependent children whom you wish to take along, we could help you with applying for the necessary visas. If your children are of school age, as a part of our add-on services, we can research suitable schooling in the area you are looking to relocate to, and apply for their school registration.

Some countries allow for part-time student work. We could help you in researching these opportunities and the corresponding legal requirements and help obtain the necessary permits and lodge the necessary applications.

A small number of bursaries or grants is available annually to qualifying students for certain countries and educational programs or institutions. Our add-on services include researching such grants and assessing your potential eligibility, and making applications on your behalf.