Work Abroad

A work permit is a legal document entitling the permit holder to work in the issuing country. This might be an “open” work permit, allowing you to work for any employer, or more generally an “employer-specific” work permit, which means you could only work for the specified employer. Such work permits generally have a fixed time limit, but may qualify for extensions.

If you are applying for a study permit in your destination country, you might also be able to work part-time for a maximum number of hours per week. And if you are accompanied by your spouse, they might also be able to apply for a full work permit in that country.

FRG handle most work permit applications, including:

Various skilled labor visas

Post-graduate work permits

Employer-specific work permits

Spouse work permits

Our work visa package includes add-ons such as job searches and applications, and obtaining offers for employment for you or your eligible dependents.